XIIe Sommet de la Francophonie

Appeal to Heads of State: Unveiling of the Butterfly Effect


In the context of the Montreal International Relations Council conference, the ISW unveiled its Butterfly Effect concept. For this event an appeal to heads of state was presented at the same time as 300 monarch butterflies were released, an evocative symbol of "our state monarchs".

inauguration.gifThe ISW aims at raising heads of states' awareness of the Butterfly Effect in order to consolidate international citizenship and cooperation, which consists in setting in place measures initiated at local level to spread upwards to regional, national and international level.

This concept, developed in Quebec in the water management sector, places each individual at the centre of actions and encourages citizen-driven initiatives to help other countries without the complications faced by institutional actors.

The appeal to Heads of States proposes four actions in the aim of establishing an international citizenship and cooperation

  • Ensure that in their country citizens are fully involved in international cooperation issues.
  • Invest 1% of their international aid budget and state budget in the development of local knowledge and thus support and stimulate the regional economy.
  • Create alliances among citizens of all ages, local partners and state services with a view to establishing project portfolios and achieving a critical mass that would facilitate access to significant funding.
  • Implement innovative mechanisms and means that contribute to the decentralised management of projects and thus give precedence to citizen-led approaches.